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Gorgeous 10A vs 5A Hair

10A grade bundles consist of the highest quality hair on the planet. These bundles will not shed aggressively, tangle, and mat up. The Hair is Easily Colored. When taken care of your hair will last 2-3 years. All of our hair will last through multiple installs by a licensed stylist and our guarantee will have you "Sleeping Pretty" install after install!

How The Bundle Deal are Setup

Bundle Deals help you to take care of your self and your family without feeling bad. The prices are amazing so you can have enough hair to switch up your style through out the year, weather its the weather or your just feeling excited, your hair can be an extension of that expression. You pay a balanced down payment now and we ship your bundles Today! 30 Days later, you will make 1 of the 3 monthly payments to complete your hair order. No Credit Check and No Interest. Enjoy Your Hair!

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How much do your bundles weigh?

3.5oz to 3.67oz or110 grams. Our bundles are very full, no matter the length.

How many bundles do I need?

2 Bundles is normals and 3 bundles for longer fuller looks. Say 22 inches and longer.

Can this hair be colored?

Yes, and very easy, according to VH1 Celebrity Stylist.

Does the hair have a bad smell?

No. 5A typically has a cornchip smell. Our bundles smell like Argan Deluxe Shampoo. Our Shampoo and Styling system keeps the hair light and clean, which is perfect for 10A Human Hair extensions. The system is available on our website.

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