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Nak'd - Natural Curl Texture

$ 79.00

Does Tay Know You're Curly Today?

**60 Day RISK FREE GUARANTEE: Full refund of the purchase price PLUS we will buy you a competing product of equal or lesser value to replace what you returned.***

I am told I have a look for confidence and a fierce walk, but it’s my 3 check system that keeps me secure. When I found out I was up for a promotion my stomach was full of butterflies, because the interview process is intense. Next day I woke up, prayed, Heels, Skirt, Blouse, Curls and went to work. Check 1, Greg in Parking, “Damn, I mean dang Ms. Smith you look good today.” Check 2, Vance in Security, “Oh My God, No Security Check today Ms. Smith I need my job!” Check 3, Tay my BFF whispers, “Paris called, they need you back on that run way you left!” Needless to say, I got the job!

Confidence is key in our lives, we all deal with insecurities and our hair shouldn’t be one of them. Nak’d Hair is:
-Frizz Free
-Thick & Full Bundles
-No Tangling or Matting
-Natural Luster
-Colors Like Real Hair

Nak’d Hair loves being a part of a system that keeps you feeling your best not one that leaves you feeling soulless like: Just imagine, I spent hours to get dressed, because my date invited me to an exclusive roof top restaurant in the city. I arrived feeling sexy, in my new dress with my new hair and 1 hour later the waiter ask you to leave, because my hair was SHEDDING LIKE NO TOMORROW. The overhead fans were blowing and you could literally see the hair in the floor, being caught up in the wind. I literally felt my soul leave my body and drive home.

Curls Rule the World and You Should Too, Hand Your Stylist a Bundle of Natural Curls and Kick Your Feet Up in The White House!


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Nice Hair
I love this hair. I was very skeptical about purchasing at first, but now I am so glad that I did. The hair is very soft and light. It had a very faint scent when I opened the packaging, but nothing too serious. Upon receiving, I co-washed the hair, combed it through and applied a little oil to it and left it to dry. It shed very little when washing and mainly from the longer bundles. The shortest bundle purchased (16") was really thick and didn't shed at all. I installed all 4 bundles without cutting the wefts. I realized that the hair tangles a little, which is common for curly hair i guess, but it's easy to comb through. To maintain/define my curls, I spritz with a blend of water, olive oil and a moisturizing conditioner and then I apply a tad of argan oil for a little extra sheen. So far, I've received a lot of compliments on this hair and I do intend to purchase again to make a wig. I've attached pics of the hair as it came packaged, how it looks straight out of the packaging, after it has been washed and wet, after it has been dried and how it looks installed. I hope this helps and I'll do an update on this hair in a few weeks.


The Best Curly Hair EVER!!
This hair is absolutely beautiful!!

I will keep it 100% real on my thoughts:
Shedding= minimal but all curly texture hair sheds.
Smell= it had the usual smell but I cowshed it with hello hydration and it smells wonderful now
Fullness= it's full at the ends!!! This was a big plus.
Price= Super affordable
Shipping= Super fast

Overall I love this hair and I'm in the process of ordering more.


Great Company
This company has great customer service. I was experiencing some issues, but the customer service representative helped to clear everything up. The hair is pretty when wet, but the ends are kind of thick, so I recommend that you order a couple of inches longer than normal to make up for that. It also blends well with my natural 3c/4a hair!


This hair is absolutely beautiful! Four bundles of soft high quality hair for ...
This hair is absolutely beautiful! Four bundles of soft high quality hair for such a low price. I only have 2.5 bundles in my head so 4 bundles is more than enough.

A. Dematas

Let me just start by saying I am a very harsh rater and an "abusive" weave wearer. I bleach straighten the crap out of my weaves. I go in the swimming pool with my weave and I sleep without a satin cap. At first I thought this hair was bad but I realized this hair is extremely affordable compared to the bundles you would find on aliexpress or even at your beauty supply store.I recommend this hair for those who will take care of their weave hair and maintain and moisturize. It has no smell. The customer service was great. The girl who helped me I really wish I knew her name she deserves a shout out checked in on me and even called me to communicate when I sent a question she got back to me right away. This is the first time I ever received such genuine care from a hair company. I have been unhappy with 3 other companies and they never once asked me what was wrong. Thank you NAKD HAIR!


Curl pattern is absolutely beautiful. No shedding after cowashing
Curl pattern is absolutely beautiful. Minimal shedding after cowashing. Looks like it may be the best wavy/curly hair I have ever ordered (I'm always a cheapskate) Ordered 24,26,28 3 bundles I will make it enough for my whole head but I'm sure there won't be any left over. Recommend 4-5 bundles if you are into the very thick big hair look and want to purchase the longer lengths. Got the hair next day with $20 next day air shipping. Getting installed today

J. Russell

Fantastic Weave! Love It!
I have been searching and searching for a good quality human hair weave. I was a little nervous to buy on Facebook but the affordable price and great price convinced me to order this. The shipping was very quick and I was instantly impressed! The weave was the length promised, was thick from end to end. My favorite thing was the fact that there was no odor and it is incredibly soft. It is holding up fantastically and I've been wearing it every day since I received it. Also, I love that it is virgin because there are so many options for virgin hair! I recommend this weave to everyone who uses weave!!


I was very happy with the initial quality and she has worn them ...
I bought this as a special gift for a friend, she loves them!!! I was very happy with the initial quality and she has worn them out several times since. It blends in so well with her hair that you can't even tell she's wearing them (I only know because I bought them for her). Would love to try this out for myself in blonde.

Lisa Saber

Love it!
The hair was clean and really soft. After I washed and conditioned it, it was even softer and fluffy. The bundles were full and fluffy. it is shedding free.


My style
The Hair Is Amazing It Feels Great And Looks Great The Communication With The Seller Was Great She Made Sure I Was Satisfied With My Purchase I Will Be Referring People My First Time Getting Curly Hair And I Loved It


Buy it now
Best Hair I Have Ever had. Easy to maintain no shedding or tangling


Worth the money spent
I'm never good with tying up my hair at night. This hair was close to no tangle, minimal shedding, and the feel is soft and stays that way Ive had it in a week now and I love it. I ordered three bundles for fullness, they threw in a free one which blew my mind and only needed two but used three. I am ready to order again longer lengths next time. Thank you!



Satisfied Customer
I absolutely love the hair. The shipping time was perfect. Once the hair arrived i washed it with Pantene curly conditioner and curly shampoo. The hair air dried and still looked great. I then installed it and did a hot comb test run to test and see if it was legitimately HUMAN HAIR. And to MY surprise it didn't burn, smoke or fizzle. Its HUMAN. The texture matches my natural hair perfectly. I didn't do a full head I left my perimeter out, but two bundles of the hair would make it a full head. I haven't straightened it YET. But it does exactly what is is suppose to do as "curly hair" When you wash it with a shampoo and conditioner based product specifically for "curly hair" the hair feels brand new. I love it. I look forward to purchasing some more. I wish the price was the same as when I first purchased. The hair is definitely worth the buy if u want curly, beautiful hair at a GREAT PRICE.

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