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Nak'd - Deep Wave Texture - (We Call It "Exotic Wave")

$ 79.00

Their Vacation wasn't Exotic UNTIL YOU WALKED IN!

**60 Day RISK FREE GUARANTEE: Full refund of the purchase price PLUS we will buy you a competing product of equal or lesser value to replace what you returned.***

All 3 of them Chimed in, “GIRL NO!!”, “WHAT THE WHAT!?!”, “CAN WE HAVE A MAN!?!” as I walked out the door of the hotel, with my white bikini and full hair. As I looked down blushing and adjusting my bottoms, 3 men walked by and stopped. As I looked up, they all stared, looking like the Caribbean versions of the Dark Knight and the Rock. All I began to hear is, “Let me pour for you bath waters”, “Tonight I will cook for you”, “Do not listen to them, I will place a ring on your finger and become your husband now!”

This Exotic Wave hair has always been a problem in the US and Now it’s causing International Conflicts and we love it.

That’s why we ensure our hair is:
-Frizz Free
-Thick & Full Bundles
-No Tangling or Matting
-Natural Luster
-Colors Like Real Hair


Vacations are supposed to be fun & exciting but this: I woke up today thinking I was the bomb. Miami is super-hot and humid, plus the wind blows all day long. So I didn’t think anything was out of place, when I felt my hair up on the back of my neck. WRONG! I even checked my makeup before jumping out of the car. When I sat down my girlfriends jokingly said, “It’s windy as hell today huh?” Silly me, “Sure is”. At this point my other friend is dying laughing as she says, “Did the wind blow a knot in the back of your head or are you just having a bad hair day”. I grabbed the back of my head and felt a matted mess…

Let the wind blow through your hair as you cause an International Incident, Hand Your Stylist a Bundle of Exotic Wave & GET MARRIED to the Rock! lol



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T. Akins

The hair is absolutely beautiful.
The hair is absolutely beautiful. No tangles and beautiful bounce. The ends are not dry or bushy. The bundles are pretty thick as well. The product was EVERYTHING it was described and pictured to be. My hair also came with a lovely pair of lashes. I will be leaving another review after the hair is installed. But overall, I couldn't be happier!!!



 The hair was good, but they mixed up my order

My mom received my bundles and had to send them to me, needless to say I missed my hair appointment the hair is nice though.


This product is 100% unprocessed and natural
I purchased this product for my girlfriend, and she looks absolutely sexy and ravishing in this as it suits her perfectly. Her hair is the talk of the party. The hair blends perfectly with hers and no one can make out the difference. This product is 100% unprocessed and natural, it is thick, shiny and appears fabulous. No smell, no fuss, no problems in washing and drying. I can’t help but to run my finger though it when she is wearing it, she has also curled and bleached it without any problems. She is so satisfied with this product that she has asked me to buy another one. As instructed proper care is taken of the hair and she shampoos it and conditions it regularly. Three bundles for that price is a bargain.


I ordered this hair on Friday and got it on Mon.
I ordered this hair on Friday and got it on Mon. the vendor was very sweet and helpful. I got 8,10,12+10, and ended up getting an 8 closure. I colored the hair and washed it. The curls are beautiful and I have gotten nothing but great compliments on my hair. The shedding is very minimal and the tangle is hardly there. I would most definitely give them 5 stars and I have sent them 3 customers already. I will be making an order again very very soon for a longer length for our vacation in a few weeks! The price was amazing as well!!!


... the hair my first impression of this hair is beautiful, very soft
When I got the hair my first impression of this hair is beautiful, very soft,No tangle, mini shedding after washing and installing.The hair is longer than i expected it to be, i ordered 12 14 16, overall it is very nice hair for the price! My friend said she love the hair and ask me the shop info to buy it, i plan to purchase more soon.


Sooo the hair is exactly like my natural hair
Ok. Sooo the hair is exactly like my natural hair. I dyed this hair like 7 times with trial and error lol. And it held up. I love it. I can't wait to straighten it.



I guess its a steam smell

Other than that the hair is cool


I love my hair it didn't have a smell it was ...
I love my hair it didn't have a smell it was true to length it was very soft a little shedding but what hair doesn't it colored good and curled very well also came two days early I'll be ordering from you again I also referred a lot of people also


ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS HAIR. Was a lil skeptical about purchasing still hair on Facebook. Its definitely a must buy had it in for about 2 months and it still looks fabulous added my own highlights n all n still rockin it. No smell and its quality is definitely good quality. Barely any shedding will definitely purchase this hair again. This is by far the best hair I've ever had.

Shamieka Davis

This hair is amazing. No shedding, smells, Thankful that it's actually human hair...bleached it right away and it took very well. It's extremely soft and I love to run my fingers through it.


Omg this is good hair love it no smell
Omg this is good hair love it no smell .. The seller contact me everyday letting me know about my order thank you so much


Very good quality hair
Very good quality hair very soft and thick and the colorist beautiful. Thank you.


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