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Nak'd - Natural Deep Curly Texture (New)

$ 79.00

You Don' Have to Explain WHY THEY REMEMBER YOU.... THEY JUST DO!

**60 Day RISK FREE GUARANTEE: Full refund of the purchase price PLUS we will buy you a competing product of equal or lesser value to replace what you returned.***

He stood behind me, zipping up the last inch of my dress, and staring at me in the mirror as I pulled my hair over my shoulder. “You Look DIVINE!” I had lost 20 lbs. and hired a personal trainer. Tonight was our Class Reunion and I had been stalking, “Ms. Poplars’” Facebook Page for weeks. I was the source of her laughter in high school. She would have no idea who I was tonight. When we walked in, I saw her at the bar and made a b-line to her. I stood next to her, ordering two drinks, without making eye contact. I could see her doing a Quadruple TAKE, out of the corner of my eye. She screamed out LISA IS THAT YOU!?! I gave her a look of bewilderment… “Yes, and you are?” The look on her face was priceless, as she struggled to tell me her name. I said, “Wow, you’ve changed so much...” smiled and walked off, leaving her there, in awe.

Be careful of who you tease, because the next time you see them, they could be walking through the door, with Nak’d Hair draped over their shoulder, looking 20 lbs lighter and drop dead gorgeous!
To prevent us from being teased, our hair stays:
-Frizz Free
-Thick & Full Bundles
-No Tangling or Matting
-Natural Luster
-Colors Like Real Hair

Nak’d hair helps you light up the room, but not in this way: Yup, I should have known better. The package said Remy Hair, but it was the fourth of July and I was in a rush. Red, White & Blue Halter Top and White shorts I was sooo cute. Until the fireworks… There was a baby with waving a Sparkler near me and apparently I didn’t think he was that close. All I heard was, “Mommy her hair is on fire!” I felt heat and saw a flame shoot up the back of my head!

Light the Room on Fire not your head! Hand Your Stylist a Bundle of Natural Wave & Burn Down The Place!



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I absolutely love this hair
I absolutely love this hair. It's exactly what I was looking for. It's very soft and manageable. The texture is very good,The bundles were very thick, nice & true to length.


Indian Love
This hair was Awesome...worked really well and maintained the just have to be sure to treat it properly...never use a brush only wide tooth comb...use a good conditioner when washing such as Intense Cream by Loreal....if you go swimming put it up because it will tangle if not combed out immediately!


Love Love Love
Absolutely wonderful. Excellent customer service. My hair arrived in 4 days. I was waiting for my install to review and now that it's done in am very happy. I will order all of my bundles from Nak'd from now on. Thanks for everything.


My Graduation Hair IS AMAZING
I ordered this hair and let me tell you it has been nothing but AMAZING. Shipping was great and on time actually it arrived in 2 days. Which I loved because I needed the hair in time for graduation. When I opened the hair it was soft and has a little bit of chemical smell (nothing to strong). But I cowashed the hair and the hair curl pattern did differ once washing. I liked the new curl pattern better than the one I got when I opened the package. My hair has been installed for about 3 weeks now. It has hardly any shedding which is another bonus. I did color the hair yesterday but it seems to have a hard time lifting. I did not get the exact color I wanted so I'll try again. I'll leave pictures of my hair before coloring it and once I color it I'll post more pictures. I will DEFINITELY be ordering from here again


Great Hair
I absolutely LOVE my hair . I ordered it for my birthday however i didn't wash it first which made it very poofy initially. After it started to look dry, I rinsed it and added olive oil to it and it made my hair look very shiny and look wet. I just don't like that my natural hair no longer matches it. However that's my flaw. It's a partial sew-in. 26 24 and 22 ... I wanna straighten it now


I loved it. this time I ordered the Natural wave...
This is my 2nd order. the first I ordered the curly, I loved it. this time I ordered the deep wave and colored it, I am in love. This hair is great. I recommend it to everyone.


I'm So Impressed
I am so impressed with this hair. I had it installed and it looks great. No shedding and no smell thank goodness. I purchased two bundles of 12, 14, and 16 to ensure I had enough hair for the style I wanted. It was more than enough. Would like to try the body wave next time.


Delivery time was great and the hair is very soft and good quality
Delivery time was great and the hair is very soft and good quality. Used the hair right off the track for the braids in the front.


... the quality I was looking for very cheap I recommend you to buy it
I really and do appreciate this hair anyone wishing to get the should stay out of doubt and grab one I purchase three bundles but I used just two the hair got the quality I was looking for very cheap I recommend you to buy it


It is nice, full
I just received my 3 bundles in 22,24, and 26! It is nice, full, soft, and beautiful. I will post an update with pictures when I get it installed. I am one satisfied customer :-) :-) :-) 


Love this hair it feels and looks like my hair
love this hair it feels and looks like my hair. Sometimes I get mad when I realize it's not my friend daughter hairs is really long and think when she saw me she screamed "your hair looks like my hair" .. I'll buy it again and again

Nadia Barley

Great Hair
Great hair received it pretty fast, no bunching nice and smooth hair!

B. Massey

Hair is beautiful
I love my hair ! Great quality. It's soft with a nice pattern, No shedding !


Hair texture super super soft
Shipping was really quick, did the express and got it in 2 days'' Packaging as ok. Hair texture super super soft, absolutely no shedding(really shocking)'' will update after I install this weekend. But for now no complaints plus I got free lashes too. ''

Payen Hardy

I am very pleased with this purchase
I am very pleased with this purchase.This is my initial review of the hair, I just received it literally like 10mins ago the shipping was not fast at all literally this was the longest I've EVER waited for some hair, however when I opened the package I couldn't have been more thrilled!! The hair is soft to the touch I ran my fingers through each bundle several times and there was no shedding whatsoever, and it smelled really good no awkward smell to the hair.

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